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Jen Lewin – Vision & Process – Here is the best place to find inspiration for your next idea.

The pool is a really good example of my process. I was basically camping on the west coast of Australia, far up the west coast and went hiking in the middle of the night with some friends and ended up really far away from our campsite in this beautiful place where the tide comes in fourteen miles which is insane because it’s so flat, the slightest change creates this great effect where the water comes in from huge distances, but when it goes back out it leaves these tidal pools, that are pool of water in the water, but for as far as the eye could see, and we went on a night hike and ended up in this area where we were surrounded by tidal pools as far as you could see and the moon came out and the moon was reflecting in these pools and we stood and looked around at this completely, jaw dropping and beautiful environment where you were surrounded by these illuminated pools of water.

So I have this experience and I come back and I write about it in my journal and it’s like I’ve got to make an art piece that basically creates and re-creates this experience and it took me years and years and years to even find a way, and I’m still not there honestly, I’m still not even close since the original experience but to find a way to be able to do that because when you think about it when I had that vision as a nineteen year old, this was before LED’s even existed as a word, no one knew what the word LED meant and for something like the pool to exist with hundreds of these platforms you obviously have to have LED’s so it was like I almost, I needed technology to catch up, ok I can use LED’s this is a low voltage lighting source that could be put in a platform and I need something which is a off the shelf, easy to use chip that I could talk to easily, all of these little pieces needed to happen in order for me to be able to actualize, an attempt of that vision but I mean that one happened ten years later.