Timing – Consequences of risky behavior

Anda Gansca – Timing – What to expect when you quit your job, and take highly irrational risks.

So many people have different stories of how they quit their jobs and start a company and how difficult it was and how they managed to reach the decision to quit their jobs. And I think there’s a spectrum of how logical you are when you decided to quit your job and start a company and some people are hypo logical: that they plan for it, they save money at this point, they give in their notice, they have the right connections, they network before… blah blah and then the other side of the spectrum would be me, because I wasn’t planning on quitting my job, It kind of just happened that I couldn’t sleep at nights and I then decided to quit my job. And I hadn’t really worked towards a network that would be relevant towards this specific idea that I had because I didn’t know I would have that idea. I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have a visa and actually quitting my job would imply that I had to leave the country. I didn’t have a co-founder; I was not experience in what I was doing, twenty three years old, there was nothing really on paper that said that I would have gotten even a month into it without completely giving up.

And so I don’t know if there is a lesson there, I don’t know if everyone should be hypo-irrational when they quit their jobs.

I think what’s important is, when you feel the time is right you need to do it. I believe that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a strong gut feeling because sometimes it’s the only compass you have.

Everyone just gives you different types of advice and they’re all binary and you have no idea what to do and reason fails you and the only thing you can have is gut feeling. And if you can exercise your gut feeling well with that very first early decision of: why you doing this, is this the right time? It’s great, nothing else matters.

The fact that I didn’t have a visa; solved, probably I lost a few years of my life but solved. The fact that I didn’t have money; solved, I found a cofounder, I found an amazing team; all these things you can actually work on. Convincing yourself that it is the right time, you can’t work on. You actually feel it or you don’t feel it. So yeah…