Time Management – How to create discipline – for creatives

Jen Lewin – Time Management – How to create discipline – for creatives.

I have kids, and actually having kids helped me in a way because it forced me, I had no choice at this point I was the classic creative person, slept till eleven and stayed up all night, this was a classic process for me, and then I had kids and this was not an option, my option now was to work from eight to four and this was my choice, I was either going to do it during these hours or I was not going to be able to do it and I found in some ways it’s been really liberating, I was just like you know what, it’s not going to be when I feel creative actually now I’m going to be creative, it’s eight am, I’ve had my coffee, I’m creative.

So I had to force this structure on myself and it was really interesting because it works, it’s disciplined, pretty disciplined. But you know I had no other choice and I learned, I mean I’m an artist but we work these work hours and almost everyone on my team has kids and we all work really hard and then we run home and take care of our kids so in some ways I think that was really interesting, to realize that you don’t have to do these different kind of schedules, you can actually choose to be creative at ten am if you’re like focused and diligent and you sit down and sort of make yourself do it but that’s kind of the hard part, anyone in the arts, we have to do all of our own procrastination and all those things and you have to just make yourself do it.