The ultimate game – Make a difference

Chris Draft – The ultimate game – One game, one life, one chance to make a difference, here’s how.

We talked about the beginning of the foundation, the founding of it. Our last imitative to be added was our Team Draft initiative which was actually founded with my late wife, Keasha Rutledge Draft. She founded it right before she passed away from lung cancer. So she was diagnosed with lung cancer December 2010 right when I was finishing up playing. And then she passed December, 2011 but not before she made a commitment. She came to me and said, we’re about to get married. What do you think about if we don’t get any presents? What if we just decide to really fight against this disease?

I was like, that’s awesome. It’s not… they can’t give us anything. The only thing we want right now is for you to be healthy. To be able to fight against it was outstanding. The fact she brought that to me was tremendous. When you ask me, what do I wake up to? When I wake up in the morning, what am I thinking about? I’m thinking about the people we have the chance to impact their lives. How is today going to allow a platform of today, the connections of today, going to push our movement that much further ahead? We have a mission to change the face of lung cancer, lung cancer that’s only been through a prevention campaign that has a lack of compassion. It has not been about real people.

Every day, to have a chance to show somebody different, to talk to somebody about something different, to get them on our side. And then doing that and make it where someone is going through this disease feels more human. They feel more love. And then the cause of that, there’s a positive energy. We know when there’s positive energy that there’s more of a chance of movement in a positive direction.