Team – How to build anything & succeed

Char Genevier – Team – You can build anything & succeed but make sure you first know how to do this.

So one of the biggest things I think investors look for is a team that knows how to execute. This is drill into us during TechStars but you need to have something to show them, you can’t just go to them with an idea; investors like to see lines not dots and what that means is that they like to see progress. So the first time you email them you have an idea and the second time that you email them you have a demo and third time you email them you have five users; that’s a line, that’s a trajectory, that shows that you actually have been able to execute on your vision and they are much more willing to invest in you. The flips side is if you just come to them with an idea and then don’t act on it, then they are going to view you as being flighty and not willing to do what it takes to be successful. So that I think is one of the biggest things they look for.