Success – 5 top lessons learned

Chris Draft – Success – 5 top lessons learned & the process od how to achieve what you want in life.

That’s such a great question. What’s the top 5, in terms of lessons? I think if I had to, I would go back to what I said in terms of drive. I said, you have to make a choice, commitment, enthusiasm. But even before that. With the top 5, I say what would be a part of that choice that you have to make a commitment? Are you really understanding the way?

Number 1, you’re really soul searching what it is that you’re actually passionate about. What is it that you really want to do? It could find you. It could be something that attacks you. Or it’s something that’s in there that unfortunately somebody else hasn’t recognized, that only you really do your kind of a journey. Only you really know what that is, so that’s important, about recognizing that.

Number 2 is they investigate. Investigating in terms of when is it actually going to take. Where is that mentor you can talk to? Where do you need to be placed in terms of being able to do it? Is there something you need to do yourself? Is there somebody you need to talk to and with and learn on it for a little while?

Really taking an internal review on what your passion is, taking some time to investigate it and find out, and then it goes to making a choice to go all in. Once you’ve investigated, now you figure that out. Now you got to make a choice. Am I going to do this or am I not? And then along that journey, you did your investigation. There’s going to be some things that don’t go exactly right.

With all of that getting down into it, there’s going to be things that just don’t go right. So are you willing to commit? And then again, the last one: enthusiasm. Being able to find the joy. If you’re going to do something that’s different, then you better. Even if it’s horrible. We’re attacking lung cancer, after my wife had passed. And my wife did a tremendous job of finding the joy in each day, regardless of the fact she was going through lung cancer. If I can’t find the joy each day in the work we’re doing every day, then we’re doing something wrong.

The other thing is, people don’t want to be around people that aren’t excited about what they’re doing. Even if it’s not—there’s some type of hope, some type of things possible that can give me the enthusiasm of each day.

So first, passion, investigation, choice, commitment, and enthusiasm.