Structure – Create flexible STEM curriculum

Greg Spooner – Structure – Tips on how to create flexible STEM curriculum.

As the educational program as we initially saw it started to take shape, we thought well, there need to be themes that whomever is following, there need to be themes that people need to be able to connect with because the entire journey itself is going to be hard to follow along but breaking it up into slices would be important. So when it came time to go in 2013 across the mid-Atlantic from Senegal to Miami because that’s what you do you know, in our line of work, no big deal. We divided it up into curriculum segments looking at the body and the way that the body reacts and responds to this type of activity in so many different forms. Looking at the boat and what it takes to be able to create a craft to go on a journey like this, looking at the science of the ocean and the environment and the biological and ecological factors that go into it and then looking at the history of that run and really the history of maritime travel as it were. These really, I think it ended up forming just the overall sort of benchmark pieces that we wanted to hit for every subsequent expedition and in order to reach the widest audience, the first thing you do and really for anything when you’re looking for help; find people who are smarter than you because if you have people who are way smarter than you are then they’re going to see just how badly it’s going to look when you fail and they’ll want to help you succeed.

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