Startup Success – How to create real value and redefine success

David Mondell – Startup Success – How to create real value and redefine success.

So it’s fun to think about what PivotDesk would be like and I’ll be like if the company succeeds, I only say that because it’s always a crap shoot right? we’re fighting everyday to make this company work and we’ve got some good early feedback and some great customers but, you know, every day we have no idea whether there will be a tomorrow right, but if could hypothetically take a wild ass guess that we’re actually going to be successful and make a big difference, I would really like to be in a position where every entrepreneur thinks about PivotDesk and we change the way that people think about office space and we made the real estate market much more efficient and approachable, and we help people build amazing business.

I really want success stories from our customers where they had no idea what they were going to do and all of the sudden they have a business that changes the world or helps a huge industry or makes a huge difference and the more of those success stories we have, the better I feell about where PivotDesk is and how we’ve succeeded, and you know, it’s not just financially, obviously you need the numbers to support your business but this is really about just changing the way people think about work.

We’ve been conditioned for far too long to think about work and real estate in certain ways and I think those walls are coming down and I think it’s great to watch people embrace different cultures and different ways of working and sharing and getting involved with other people and not just sharing space but sharing ideas, and not hiding or not telling anybody about an idea whether they’re trying to build a business but getting out there and telling everybody about it and that collaboration, that innovation, that’s what I love to see and I think if PivotDesk could be a part of changing the way people think about that,  that’s really what I’m hoping for.