Balance – How to do today, what matters tomorrow

Shawn Davison – Balance – How to do today, what matters tomorrow.

Balance is one of those elusive things in life that most people strive for and yet it’s very difficult when it comes down to it. Some people can figure it out easily it seems and others struggle their entire life. I look back at my career and I think the way I look at it now is; I wasn’t really balance, I would call it purposeful imbalance. So I would focus on work or whatever for a period of time and then go through a cycle of, you know, backing off of that and then focusing on something else, something more personal. And I think that was a pattern for sure.

I started very early with a family. My wife and I actually met each other in college, early in college actually, and we were very irresponsible. We ended up moving in together and then I moved out, actually there is a whole story behind that. I had a roommate who moved out right when the rent was due and he didn’t give me any notice right and I was dating my wife, who became my wife, and he’s why I end up moving in with her. We lived with each other for a while and then I moved out and then she ended up getting pregnant after that. So we started out very young and we’re married for 24 years and no regrets, I mean, we have three amazing children. It changed my perspective in that I became very provider focus, going after career independence, 007 James Bond, to really focused on what I want to do and how can I get there really quick and am I providing for my family. That’s a big motivator for sure.

Going through college, so I was doing college and working full time then I had a young family and the career seem to come pretty easy in retrospect I was really good at that. The balance wasn’t so great but I’m happy to say that I have actually learn that in a big way and a lot of personal growth, personal development and I think that has enriched my life tremendously especially over the last ten years. So much so that I have aspiration today to actually go on into another career, not abandon or leave what I do today, but basically to enhance what I do. I want to be a world class writer; I want to be a New York Times bestselling author. I did my first book project, co author project last year and it actually made the best selling author, the book was best selling in several categories on Amazon. So I was pretty happy about that, it was a good step towards that. So I have this desire to

Marzena Kmiecik: What’s the title of the book?

Shawn Davison: It’s called: “Your Dream Machine“. True stories of creating abundance, and it’s incredible, it’s actually… it’s a set of authors that I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with over the last nine years through a leadership personal growth program.

Marzena Kmiecik: Is this the reason why you said yes to this interview? It seems very appropriate?

Actually yeah, I think its part of it. I mean I think to me the opportunity is; you know I’m very aware of the opportunities that come into my life and this is like a natural opportunity for me. I mean this is the opportunity to start, you know, the next step to expressing some of that wisdom, giving back;

In fact I have this definition of wisdom that I love. Actually it’s from a man, his name is Thomas Willhite, so I’m fascinated with wisdom and how do we learn, and actually how you pass it on to a new generation which is very difficult. His Definition is:

Wisdom is knowing and doing today what you will feel good about tomorrow.

There are other definitions out there but I love that definition because I can always think about that and like: Am I doing and knowing today right now what I am going to feel good about tomorrow? And if I can say yes about that, I can always say tomorrow that I was pretty wise today. So it seems to work but I always screw that up but it’s a good macho for me.