Gender & Money – Who gets the cash

Ben Nunez – Gender & Money – Who really gets the cash from investors.

So I also invest in companies, I invest in startups.

I look for very very early stage companies that I can deploy money that is going to be helpful at a very early stage. I would never look at whether a male or female founder would make a difference at the top of that company. In certain cases perhaps if its fashion oriented company or something like that. You know a female fashion company, it would be better to have a female at the head of that company. But in most businesses I could never imagine making a decision one way or another on an investment based on whether it’s a female founder or a male founder.

What I look for in entrepreneurs, everybody talks about passion, and that’s a given. We all understand that an entrepreneurs needs to be passionate about what they are doing, but what I look at are the skills that the entrepreneur has and the ability to actually execute on the plan that they have laid out. Their ability to rally others behind for whatever cause or problem or business that they’re trying to create.  And we look for dynamic personality and people who, you know, who may not fear and if they do fear it’s a motivating factor for them to go out and succeed. And so I would encourage male or female, it doesn’t matter. While this is somewhat male dominated industry today, I think that’s changing, I know more and more females, women entering entrepreneurships, starting companies and raising money and building big businesses and seeing women like Marissa Mayer, the head of Yahoo and others, it’s just exciting to break down those barriers and not have this be such a male dominated world in startups and tech.