Roots & Aspirations – Choosing direction in life

Aubrey de Grey – Roots & Aspirations – Choose direction in life to become useful to the society.

My mother brought me up on her own and my father left my mother before I was born. So she had to decide what to do and she decided to emphasize the time to further my education basically because she was naturally very artistically inclined. She felt that I would also inherit that. She was completely wrong. I have no artistic sensibility whatsoever.

Marzena Kmiecik: But I think so, this is art. It’s just not as visual

Yeah that’s a fine thing yeah but in another sense I’m useless. I guess she was really good at it not only in the formal sense like you know I could do elementary algebra before I was 5 and so I think that was by chancing. So you know she did all that but I think more deeply than that she just somehow gave me a valuable grounding and how to be an effective person.

You know certainly she gave me love of learning. I just enjoyed learning and that also had helped me hugely without my actual formal schooling after I went school.

Marzena Kmiecik: That’s probably your curiosity right?

Aubrey: Well I wouldn’t know how much is natural and how much is nature. It could well be that a lot of that curiosity, a lot of that level that I’m understanding things is not in ace but rather…