Fear – Obstacles help you become fearless

Roger Holzberg – No Fear – The biggest obstacles in life will help you become fearless.

I can say to you with a lot of honesty. I don’t fear much in my life anymore. Once you become a cancer survivor you have looked death in the face and overcame that challenge and life becomes about living every day for all that is worth and helping people to walk through the minefields that you have been through, and successfully navigate them for their own health and wellness.

Marzena Kmiecik: Is that the biggest lesson?

Yeah that’s the biggest lesson. So I can tell you I don’t fear a lot. There are things I don’t do because I don’t think they are good for me or my longevity. So I don’t free climb or mountain climb anymore. I do triathlon, I do scuba dive. I do ride a cycle a lot and do a lot of distance work. I love open oceans swimming. I never think about sharks. If there were fins nearby I want to make sure that they are on the pectoral fins of a dolphin or a dorsa of a dolphin where this is a great life but I can tell you I don’t really feel fear like I used to.

In the old days I think I feared failure as a parent, as a partner, as an employee, as a creative person but I don’t any more. That all melted away because of cancer.

Marzena Kmiecik: So do you feel the facing death a much giving you a dimension of confidence?

There are people who say “cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me”. I in a way hate saying that but I can tell you that 10 years close diagnoses there is nothing in my life that’s not better today than 10 years ago.

From my person as a human being, from my own personal health and wellness, from my relationships with my children, with other people, from my career choices and my career path, I may not be earning the same salary that I was when I was a creative executive at the Walt Disney company but I don’t wonder why I go to work anymore. That’s very clear to me and my sense of well being is far richer than it was when I was making a lot more money.