Risk – Become a strategic risk-taker

Jeff Kafka – Risk – How to become a strategic risk-taker.

Okay, as far as risk goes, I learned how to manage risk through surfing, I think, because when I go out surfing, I never go out and I am like, “I am just going to go for it and throw myself over the edge.” I go out, and I check the conditions. See what the wind is doing. See what the tide is doing. And then, I see how my body is feeling and everything. And then, I kind of ease into it, and then get one wave and feel comfort in that one wave. Figure out how everything is working, and then, once I feel if the elements are, kind of, lining up, and if they are good for me to do it that day and really go for it, then I will start getting more aggressive. And catching more waves, and going for the bigger wave, or going deeper on the wave, or whatever.

As far as business goes, I am definitely a risk taker. But, as my business grows and as I have gotten older, I have learned to assess the situation a little more.

Do the homework, it is really important to do your homework, and figure out the risk involved, and, you know, there is some point where you have to step over that edge.

But, you know, there are always days when you are going to want to hold back. I think it is mainly about doing your homework, and knowing when to go forward, when to hold back.