Resilience – Ways to rise above adversity

Kym McNicholas – Resilience – Manifestation – Ways to rise above adversity

When I tell a lot of people about my story of manifesting my career and manifesting my jobs and things like that, they always ask me has there ever been a time when where you didn’t get what you want, where you weren’t happy, where things weren’t going your way, it was just recently that I truly discovered how I was getting all these other jobs was you know, just focusing on that and being happy. Because for awhile there, just in recent years, I really, really struggled with where do I want to be, am I really reaching my goal, I ended up getting an Emmy, and I’d worked 17 years focusing, to have my eye on the prize I knew what it felt like to have, I wanted this in my hands and I ended up achieving it and I cried, because what’s next?

And because I sat there and cried and worried about what was next it’s almost like everything went into a downward spiral for me. I mean, I had spent, I had focused on the fact that for seventeen years I had no life, no boyfriend nothing, just eyes on the prize and when I get the prize I didn’t know what else to expect, it was like suddenly I was happy and then I focused on tomorrow, not embracing the now and literally went on a downward spiral and when you start focusing on the negative you start fearing what you don’t have then suddenly those fears start coming true, and they become more and more true and work, my work just kept getting worse and I became less focused, less sure had less clarity, I knew I wanted to get out of my job, I knew I wanted to have a relationship, I knew I wanted to have great friends around but I wasn’t getting any of it.

People in my life were dying, my job was getting more and more miserable and I was like, I couldn’t get out of this downward spiral, it was horrible. And then just suddenly I decided to make that shift thanks to a friend of mine and she, and that’s where things started making sense for me, how I had gotten things, how did I get these things in my past and why can’t I get these things now, why do I feel lost in my career but I kept telling the same story of getting this Emmy, and then crying and then spending 17 years of my life, no life, no boyfriend, I was focusing on the negative side of everything and that’s what I was attracting in my life, all this negativity, and I didn’t realize that until my friend told me she’s like Kym, I don’t want you to ever tell that story again with that energy, with that intention. I want you to start focusing on what feels right to you, focus on the happiness, and focus on what feels good because you have a choice in your life.

You can feel fear, you can stress that you have no money, or that you’re not going to get the job of your dreams or you’re not going to pay your rent you can focus on that but really, the fact of the matter is, you have to pay your rent, you have to have friends, you have to somehow have a relationship and you have to have a job, right? You have to look at it like you have no choice or you will be out on your butt and you will be unhappy and who wants to be happy, who wants to be homeless? You need to focus on what feels good in order to attract what feels good

and so, I’ll give you an example of how that’s worked in my life that I realize now how I was able to be so successful in news is that I could go into work every day fearing that I was going to get a story that would not pan out and I would not be able to get on the 6:00 news and have my story as required and I would be fired or, I could go into work every single day and feel fantastic and excited about the unknown, about the opportunity to get a new story every day and the fact that I have no choice but to get on the 6:00 news with something, something has to pan out. It could be half an hour before the six o’clock news and I could have nothing you know what?

I have to  have a story, I have to get on that 6:00 news and so, if you go into every single day thinking I have to pay my bills, there’s no other way to look at it, I have to meet this deadline so if you feel you have to meet this deadline, that there’s no other way around it you’re going to meet that deadline, why stress about it, why worry about it, why not just be practical because no matter what, you have to meet that deadline. I don’t know about you but in college I would sit there and wait till the last minute to do my, but I had no choice it’s seven thirty I have to turn in my fourteen page paper that I’ve had to write all semester but I waited till the night before at 11:00 at night to wait for inspiration, and somehow this song gets on the radio, sometimes you’re the windshield sometimes you’re the bug, and suddenly I had my thesis sentence for why the water systems in California should work.

My teacher said it was the best paper written on that topic and he still uses it to this day, he emailed my last year, I got this email from him saying your paper is still the best one, a fourteen page paper, I knew it had to be done by 7:30 that morning, even though it was 11:00 and people had taken all semester to write it, it had to be in at 7:30 in the morning. Would it do any good to stress about getting it done? No, it just has to get done. So, and it feels good, and you feel accomplished, right? So focus on feeling accomplished and what it feels like to meet that deadline because you just have to do it and you’re going to do it.