Relationships – Tips on networking effectively

Char Genevier – Relationships – Tips on how to network effectively.

So during my time at TechStars is when I really network effectively, before that I didn’t know how to reach out to people, I didn’t know how to talk to people and during TechStar they literally sit you in front of hundreds of different people, I mean everyone from investors, other CEOs, other founders to different mentors that they have in their database and you have to learn how to talk to them or otherwise you sit there for thirty minute twiddling your thumbs and one of the biggest things that I learn through talking to all of those people is

you have to be willing to be messy, you have to be willing to lay out all of your problems on the table in order to get help, basically you have to be willing to ask for help in order to get help

You sitting there and pretend to be perfect, nobody cares, they’re going to sit there and say, great, and pat you on the head and then you’re going to have an unproductive meeting and they’re not going to be interesting in connecting you with whoever they might have that might help you or giving you the advice that might be the key to your business. So that was the biggest thing I learned through TechStars.

It was a huge challenge to learn it because I am contrary to maybe to popular belief, I’m very introverted and I need a lot of alone time and it really is quite draining to talk to people. As much as I enjoy it, it’s a challenge and so that’s been one of the biggest challenges for me being CEO of this company. I do have to be a lot more outgoing, I do have to reach out to more people and be willing to put my face out there and so, you know, it’s just chipping away at that, at that block, that mountain or whatever it is, it’s hard but you have to keep doing it, keep practicing.