Relationships – Partnerships & NFL

Chris Draft – Relationships – Partnerships & NFL – focus on a win/win scenario every time.

Marzena Kmiecik: So talk about relationships and partnerships in respect to running a nonprofit.

Very good question, the relationships and partnerships.

I think right now it’s becoming more apparent that you have to really do a little bit more research. You have to do more of, what do I say? More in depth of understanding how you match up with another company or for profit or another nonprofit. You have to do a better job of, how do we match up?

And if we do, do that. I think it’s so important because there’s a chance for something that’s so much bigger. I think sometimes nonprofit, they get in the way of, because they’re fighting for themselves so much, they forget to think about why it’s beneficial to the other person. As long as we stick with that… how is there a win-win for both of us? How is there potentially a win-win-win? Or a win-win-win-win? Then things move in the right direction.

Marzena Kmiecik: What has been the most rewarding thing you’ve done for the nonprofit?

That’s very difficult, because there’s always something that comes up. I was in St Louis a few weeks ago. A young kid came up to me. I was talking to his high school coach. The high school coach was talking about how he’s their leader, how he’s out in front, he’s doing great things. This young kid comes up and says, Mr. Draft, I was with you! I was with you when we went and picked up trash in the community. I was with you when you had your cap and I was there and we talked about being strong men and goal setting!

So it’s something like that that can happen anytime. But then we had a chance to create an opportunity for a lung cancer survivor to go to the super bowl, to go to the pro bowl, have a taste of the NFL. The one that went to the super bowl, just a tremendous guy. We actually went to Stanford together. He ended up passing about a month and a half later.

But that super bowl ended up being their family vacation. Their only family vacation. He has a daughter, less than one, that barely had time to spend. Didn’t get to hold her enough, but got to hold her. And the super bowl was their vacation, their time to be able to share, and he was willing to share. It was an opportunity for them to be together. That’s awesome. They give them the energy that they’re going through something like this crazy like cancer, the energy to be willing to share, the encouragement. There’s not much better.

I’ll give you a couple, but there’s something. And each day, something happens. Each day I’m kind of like, I don’t know, there’s doubt. And then something will happen. Someone will call something, that validation, that it works, that it matters. We still have to make tweaks and do things better, but at the same time, we are touching people.