Growth – Grow without networking

John Georgis – Relationships – Hate networking? How to grow without ever swapping business cards.

Relationships networking, I’m a horrible networker, I’m not good at networking, I don’t enjoy it, it’s not where I want to be. With that said, I’ve created some relationships here in town that I truly enjoy.  The Boulder Commission Business Bureau in 2005 backed me on this and without their backing I probably wouldn’t be here today. I had letters of recommendation to the public Utility Commission that helped us got launched, to get our seven different licenses, to get this on the road. So without them helping us, I don’t think it would have happened.

So maybe unofficially networking is ok.

Do I go to mixers to swap business cards? That’s never been my personality.

What has grown this business is: a good price, product and placement.

Are we in the right market? Do we have the right product and is it a consistent product and what’s the pricing? I think with those three things we’ve grown this business, we’ve had double digit growth since we’ve started; we’ve never had a single digit growth year.