Purpose – It’s time to do what matters

Ben Nunez – Purpose – It’s time to do what matters.

So at BirdBox, you know, obviously we will either fail, crash and burn or we will be successful and if we’re successful then I imagine this is a company that would get acquired prior to, you know, ever being its own going concern, it’s own established business.

I think the talent that we have, the technology that we’ve built, the user base we’re building would all be valuable to somebody bigger and that perhaps it could live better within a larger organization. My honest belief is that that’s more probable than, you know, going public in an IPO.

Failure is certainly an option this is a go big or go home business and you know it’s certain possible within the next few months we are unable to generate the user base that we want and that is meaningful enough and that we have to shut down the company.

We have to go into these companies knowing that those are all options on the table and you can’t, you know, make decisions that you hope will draw you towards success rather than failure but you can’t predict these things.

If the company fails, I would probably pick up and move to an island for a few months and figure out what I want to do next. Earlier on in my career I focused so heavily on making money, you know, I graduated college and I just wanted to make money, I didn’t really care as much where it came from or, you know, or if it was ethical, that was in Telecommunications, I didn’t really care for Telecom but I knew it could make money, and sell other companies along the way that was never interested to me but they weren’t my true, true passion.

This one, BirdBox today is based on the passion, its base on personal experiences, its base on something I want millions of people to be able to use, it’s more personal but it’s something that I think, you know, we believe millions of people want; and so, you know, the evolution of my career so far has been, you know, capitalism money money money, to now something that you know I want millions of people to use and get joy out of that.

I think the next phase of my career will be focused on doing good for the world, doing good for something beyond myself, something in health and nutrition or energy. Something where we can identify problems in the world that we can help solve that don’t have to do with pity things like, you know, perhaps insignificant things that we all sort of focus on today.