Purpose – How to disrupt the World

Anda Gansca – Purpose – How to build a disruptive company and change the World.

So there are really disruptive and awesome things about Knotch, but one of the things that we are really proud of is that we have architected the product from the beginning, to basically, be able to make money later on. And we did not necessarily do this because we were evil and trying to plot a way to get money, from the very beginning. We did it because both me and my co-founder are very passionate about data. I come from a data-science background, and she is a—she was a data engineer, now she is full-sec engineer.

And so when we met, it was a lot about making opinions matter and giving people a voice, but also about making sense of data points because that is the only way you can make opinions matter. If you put them in an aggregate that actually shouts out something that is consistent. And so, from the very beginning, the challenge for us was how to create a granular, accurate structure and conscious sentiment data, around topics. And so, from the very beginning we knew that if we were successful at this task of getting people to express their opinions, we would basically build a goldmine for marketers, brands, ad networks, and so on.

But the idea for us is not to sell the data. We are not that keen on just bulking it all together and sending it. To us, what is really disruptive is bringing the social media users into the process of data usage and analysis. We think social media users have had enough from the world where, you know, the NSA is tuning in without them knowing. A world where privacy is just something you cannot control anymore, until most of the time they feel like they cannot use a product without telling them too much.

We feel like there is no product that enables people to have a direct electronic communication that actually enables them to do something, to change something in the world. Kind of a mobile mod control for how the world caters to them. And we think Knotch is going to become that because on Knotch, we want users to come and know that when they Knotch about something, that opinion is going to be heard by the receiver of that topic. If you Knotch about diapers, “Boo,” then you are not going to get diaper ads. And if you Knotch about a thread by a Lady Gaga sponsor, then she is going to know how you feel. If you Knotch about gay marriage, then maybe Obama is going to cater policy, based on what you said. I think that is very empowering, and it is really not about stealing somebody’s data. It is about using it in a way that makes sense for both sides, and that is what really drives us.