Products – How to build successful partnerships

Jeff Kafka – Products – How to build successful partnerships.

Ok so for twenty years I’ve had a friend who had a surfing brand, its Nor Cal Surf Shop and they had a clothing brand associated with the shop and I partnered into that brand and now I’m like a reseller of that brand but through that process and then learning  printing over the years and having another friend that had another clothing company that was cutting silk background, we’ve merged the two and we’re doing a custom clothing company and we’re making, we are starting out with, and it’s custom water wear ,so we’re starting out with customized boy shorts. We are also doing swim tops and bikinis and towels and now we’re starting to do hoodies and hats and embroidery and screen printing and everything.

So I have this great network of folks that are already buying all these products. So my pitch to them was to purchase the products through us, we can match pricing and we actually have a better quality than most locations so, this company has been in the works for two years and now we are starting to see some success.