Productivity – Tips to keep you proactive not responsive

Devin Hibbard – Productivity – Two tips to keep you proactive rather than responsive each day.

I think there’s two things that really help me be productive. One is that I try every day to prioritize and be proactive in what I spend my time on, because there are so many things coming my way that it’s very easy to just be responding all day, and to miss that piece that’s actually the most important task I had to do but wasn’t right in my face.

I actually have a day planner. It’s still a paper day planner, believe it or not, where I write down what needs to get done. If it doesn’t get my day planner, it doesn’t’ happen. And then rank. Which ones are the most important ones for me to do? so that’s really important to be proactive, rather than responsive.

The second thing that I do is when I know that I need to really think through something, ill actually stand up from my desk and sit at my couch. It’s almost symbolic, for me now, this motion that tells my brain that it’s time to think in a more creative way. It’s away from my computer, it’s away from my email, it’s not responding to phone calls. It’s really the time I spend thinking about the bigger issues or the strategic issues or the challenges that are facing me.

So it’s important for me to try and carve out that time every single week. If I’m here just in the meetings and responding to questions and emails, I don’t have the time that I really need to think, to be a good leader and to envision what the future looks like.