Productivity – Tips to get you going

Char Genevier – Productivity – This one tip will get you going every time.

So the best productivity tip that I know, it was taught to me by my mom who adores coffee and whenever she had to do something that she really didn’t want to she would go to the coffee shop, buy herself a latté and commit to spending thirty minutes on it and that was it.

At the end of thirty minutes if she didn’t want to work on it, you know, she would leave the coffee shop and that would be done.

But nine times out of ten getting started is the hardest part and if you spend thirty minutes on it you’re more than likely to finish it than if you didn’t get started at all.

So to this day I think everything from like having to do my bookkeeping to you know just little things that I have to do or whatever it is, I would often go to a coffee shop, buy myself a latte and just commit to doing thirty minutes of whatever it is that’s frustrating me. So that’s my best productivity tip.