Process – Productivity. Motivation. Efficiency

John Georgis – Process – Productivity. Motivation. Efficiency in Startup.

Alright so, productivity, efficiency and motivation; motivation has never been a problem.

I think in business school they told me how to motivate people and the best answer is, hire motivated people. If you’re a motivated person you will get it done. I don’t think there’s a way to motivate really, it’s all internal.

As far as process control, that was our biggest thing in the last four years that I underestimated.
What is the process of the business? How do you do the booking? How do you do the billing?How do you do the tracking? How do you do scheduling? How do you get the workforce?

What does the process look like and if you underestimate the process you will fail. Part of the process is the accounting but it not all accounting, some of it is staffing, some of it is communication. How do you get those automated? So they work efficiently and fluid because if you don’t you’re done and that almost killed us.