Plan…have one

Sharon Glassman – Plan…have one.

I think I have more of a one year plan right now than a five year plan, but it’s really exciting because I actually have a one year plan. I’ve been performing this live now with song, so now what I’m going to do is go produce a CD based on the songs. So the way my seasons are working out, and I do the one year plan, so I’m going to wrap up my summer fall season of the novel on October 2nd. On October 3rd, I’m going to start mapping out the production of the CD and have it ready for February when I go to Shine in Boulder for the spring season of the novel live, with the live songs and then the CD.

And then I’m looking to my fall destination, and so I’ll have the CD. The novel will be done, but then the novel will be going to potential agents. And so by this time next year, if it all sort of comes around, it will be a novel about to come out, a video on YouTube. Very imperfect video on YouTube. I’m a big fan of imperfect video. Also, because I don’t have a cameraman, so if you look for me on YouTube, Sharon Glassman Live, you can see my boyfriend Paul and I playing one of the songs, and our tripod broke, so it’s our stomachs. Again, if you can hear me bragging the seats. So these two stomach, I’m wearing a dotted dress, he’s wearing a striped shirt. You saw that?

And that’s why. Imperfect video. Best CD I can make. Excellent novel, live performance which is great. Always with food, I think things should taste good. So let’s see in fall winter what we’re eating with this. But I’m also shifting the story a little bit so it incorporates the fruit that’s available on site. So when a couple goes for their first date at the bakery, he brought Danish. When we go to Shine, he’s going to bring tacos, gluten free. In the fall, it’ll be something else. So that’s it. That’s the one year plan.