Perspective – Develop a winning mindset

Kym McNicholas – Perspective – Ways to develop a winning mindset.

Every morning when I wake up, I mean my focus is how can I feel good because I don’t want to feel bad, I want to feel good and feeling good in every aspect of my life so when I start in the morning, and it sounds really ridiculous but the moment you get over the ridiculous feeling of it, you’re going to start feeling good about what you’re doing because you’re going to see it work, I wake up and say “wow, it feels really, really good the sun is out, wow it feels really, really good because I’m in this nice warm bed and it feels amazing to think in a few minutes I’ll be in this nice warm shower and it feels great to think I’m going to be having this amazing smoothie and it’s going to invigorate me and as I’m drinking this smoothie wow, I feel invigorated drinking this smoothie and just keep focusing on what makes you happy.”

Yes, you’re going to have these little curveballs for example, you know  I went to this Beyonce concert and I felt amazing and I was having a great time, and I was with my boyfriend who’s absolutely amazing and I feel amazing with him and I feel awesome and suddenly, I had too much fun and lost my purse.

So, in that moment I could easily shift my mindset and feel stressed ” oh my gosh, my car keys are in there, oh my gosh, we have a plane to catch in the morning, oh my gosh, how am I going to get all these things done… or I could choose to be happy and it was a very, very tough decision for me but the fact that I was even conscious of it was a huge step and I thought, well what good is it going to do for me to actually stress about it, it’s going to make me feel worse, it’s going to make the situation worse and it’s only going to draw more unhappiness and I don’t want to feel like that, the purse is gone.

Why stress about it at that point, let’s just focus on what’s going to make me happy in that moment, what was going to make me happy was figuring out a solution, what was going to make me happy and feel good was searching for, calling on friends to help me figure out how we were going to work this all out and it literally kept attracting more and more happiness and this lost purse turned into the most amazing adventure, amazing two days, my boyfriend was amazing, he lent me his car for two days, it lead to dinner I never expected to have, it led to interviews that I didn’t expect, all because I lost my purse.