Personality Types – Solving problems your way

Char Genevier – Personality Types – Solving problems your way.

So my personality type tends to be very much logical, very operational, very detailed oriented, I tend to sort of feel like there’s a right and a wrong answer which sort of comes from my background in maths and programming because you know if you know how to solve the problem, the problem is solved, you know and there is no gray area and you know like there can be in sales or management or anything like that and so that’s why I always paired up with people who tend to be more visionary, more dreamers in other ways. So they tend to be, I heard it said that they are like the balloon and I’m the weight and you need both because in order for the company to survive you need somebody that can, you know, that can tether the ideas to the ground and really make things happen and help the execution but you also need the person that’s dreaming, the person that got their head in the clouds thinking where we’re going to go next and how can we make this bigger and even better and so I think it’s really important to have both of those dynamics involve in sort of a team.

So you know figuring out which personality type you are is more important to that and then trying to find somebody that’s not exactly like you because I think if I was paired with somebody who was just a straight programmer like me or like you know more development oriented, we would get a lot done but we might not know what we were doing. Like we might not have an idea about what direction we should go and from like you know from the thirty thousand foot view; whereas if, you know, if my two previous co-founder were connected together they would just sit around dreaming about the things that they could do and nobody would actually sit down and get anything done. So I think it’s important to have both personality types.