People – Find real advisors who can mentor

Kym McNicholas – People – How to surround yourself with real advisors who can mentor.

I have a great example of who not to ask.

I went to this AP seminar in El Fresno for people who were in the television business and I was this young, very passionate, excited, eager beaver intern at a local station, still in college, haven’t graduated yet and had my first ever resume tape. I would dress in my little business suit and I would go out and get this videographer to just tape me doing a stand up, talking in front of the camera about something random I just made up on the spot and I went down to this seminar and they had this news director reviewing tapes, it turns out this was the most egotistical news director of any in the market, he loved his position, was like I’m god, I get to be in control of all people’s careers, I can make them or break them, not really someone you want to critique your tape because no matter what you know it’s going to be negative.

He popped my tape in for thirty seconds, took it out and threw it against the wall and said who do you think you are some sexpot? You’ll never make it in this business. It was the most horrible moment ever for me, but I was actually in that moment so shocked, I was who the heck is this guy, I could feel disappointed but I’m more like shocked and it turns out, not feeling that disappointment and that hurt in that moment really helped me because one of the ladies that was there also, she felt that’s ridiculous so she was just as shocked as I was, we decided to feel shocked instead of hurt, so she came and was like, I’m taking you out to make a new tape, and so she helped me make this amazing resume tape for free, which is unheard of.

Another situation, it was also in El Fresno, my agent called me and said hey, this news director really wants you to come down for an interview, and I go down there and he says, I haven’t even looked at your tape but I’m supposed to hire women even though I want a man so why should I hire you? It’s like, do you really think I want a woman on this desk and he pops my tape in and is like really, two years experience, you can’t even talk slowly enough for someone to understand what you’re talking about, he pops the tape out and says ok, goodbye…Really?

So you have to be really, really careful who you listen to and who you get feedback from. That could have easily deterred me from my ultimate goal if I had let it penetrate but I chose not to, but it made me be even more careful not to go to just any interview and talk to just anyone, to be a little bit more protective of myself and make sure of how I was feeling inside before I would walk into any situation and what I was looking for, and what would make me happy.