Partnerships – How to rapidly accelerate

Greg Spooner – Partnerships – How to rapidly accelerate every stage of your organization’s growth.

Making any trip like this happen, whether it’s going out on the ocean for upward of three months at a time, we’re going down the Mississippi or running any coastal tributary, running these programs of course it’s expensive but the great thing is that there is measurable value behind everything that we’ve done so far. Over the last 10 years of making these expeditions happen, the peace that’s come back to us that we’ve found has been the most important to really thrive in this environment have been partnerships.

Partnerships from every stage, from the ground level of family members and community members that are donating their money and their time and their efforts and their contacts to community partners and community organizations who have a service or who have a product that we’ll be able to utilize and they’ll be able to benefit from the exposure. And then moving up from there into more of the corporate, large organizational structures that have an opportunity to work with us and find themselves on the international stage; and we are always on the hunt like any organization for great partners that are going to be able to see and match our vision for what we are and what we’re doing and we want to be able to have that same connection with them.

And I think what we found is that anybody that we partner with and anybody that we hope to partner with in the future are looking for an opportunity to essentially create almost a family out of this and a friendship; still a business friendship but a friendship of understanding that is a shared excitement for what’s happening, a shared excitement for that product and knowledge that anybody that we’re going to come in contact with is going to see the benefit