Startup Pain – An opportunity?

David Mandell – Pain – How to turn pain into an opportunity & inspire people to pay for solutions.

So, you know, when it comes to ideas and inspiration and how it affects me and how I think about it, I think from my perspective, this sound kind of lame, but a lot of it really has to do with pain.

There is a lot of pain out there and pain is an opportunity and the creativity and aspiration really comes after you identify the pain. What can I do that will solve enough of the pain from someone that they are willing to pay for it and testing that is the key right?

Because it seems like there’s a lot of opportunities out there but you test and you kind of fake it until you make it right. And when we were first doing Pivotdesk, we walked around with a piece of paper going door to door and doing everything manually just to see if people actually wanted the service, right,  to see if it works.

We knew there was a pain there but was it enough that people would pay for it. And that’s really the key. So once we’ve identify the pain, that’s really where the creativity and the inspiration kicks in and for me it’s really about people.

It’s by working with incredible smart people that come up with app ideas that I would never thought about and when you get them together it just multiplies. So you say alright, here’s the issue, here’s the pain, how do I solve this? And you know not taking no for an answer is a good thing, like I said when I started Pivotdek everyone said ‘you can’t do that’. But the creativity and the inspiration is what gets you through that ‘you can’t do it’ part. And you think differently and you stop thinking about how everyone use to do it; there got to be a better solution, there got to be a better way to do it and when people come up with those new ideas, that really solve the pain and help others, that’s really what inspires me, I love watching that happen.

And I love working with incredible smart people who focus on how do we help and how do I make this better and that’s really my inspiration every day and gets me to the office every day, helping people, helping customers and working with incredible smart people.