Risk – Take risks & trust the outcomes

John Georgis – Risk – Now or Never – How to take bold risks & trust the outcomes.

Let’s see, as far as how it all started…

It started back in 1999 I was travelling out in Europe and I took a lot of tours just to see what was out there. I didn’t like a lot of the tours but I thought they were great way to meet people so I took them anyway.  And I thought, well what happens if we did something really unique? Well for the next five years I didn’t know how to do it.  I just thought about it, I didn’t have the capital, I came back and I got a job working in corporate America and then one night back in January 2005, I had a horrible day at work, so I came home I took my dog out for a walk. I said “well it’s now or never”.


So I went home and that night I logged on to eBay and I bought a school bus.

School busses aren’t cheap, they are safe and bought the school bus and in the middle of the night, three weeks later I landed in Moline Illinois where the bus was, took me two days to drive it back I’ve never driven the school bus before.

Next morning I woke up and I look outside my house and I see this hideous yellow school bus and I thought; what have I done? I just spent $6,000.00 on a 1994 school bus, I’d quit my job that I was making very good money at and the insurance on this thing was worst than my mortgage.

So I panicked, I called up this girl I was seeing at the time, her name is Beth, I said “Beth you got to come over, I have made a horrendous mistake”. So she came on over and for the next forty five minutes we sit on coach and we talked about how to cut the top off school busses because I hated this low ceiling. And after about forty five minutes talking about cutting school bus roofs off, she reaches over, she puts her hands on my knees and she said,

John you’re worrying too much this is going to work out.

and five minutes later we walked out of the house and this orange jalopy of a Mercedes pulls in, blocks my car and this old hippy gets out, he has this long beard, shaggy hair and he says,”hey dude, what you going to do with a bus?” . I said “well I’m going to cut the top off, put a pitch roof on it and I’m going to put logs on the sides and make it look like a log cabin and I’m going to give people tours of Boulder, you know Boulder style” and he looked at me and he said “cool, do you know how to weld?”. I said “no”. He said “well do you know anything about school buses?”  I said “no, I bought it three days ago”. He said “well let me introduce myself, my name is Will, I’ve been a welder for five years, a civil engineer for two, but in the last two years I‘ve cut the tops off of two other school busses, would you like some help?”. And this guy shows up the day I bring the bus back and Beth leans over and whispers “yeah I think it just worked out” and it did because three weeks later will I had the roof cut off, the welder roof put on and Will and I went up to buy some logs for the side of the bus and we pick up these half sawn log in the lumber yard, we picked them up, we looked at each other and they were entirely too heavy so plan B, we used fencing. My girlfriend’s mother’s fence flew down that same week, I scavenge that fence and we have a total of $4.30 worth of wood on the side of this bus. My best friend Dan, I was fitting the last bit, strolls on and Dan backs up and said “john I got bad news, that doesn’t look like a school bus, doesn’t even look like mountain shack, it looks like an operation hillbilly shack”, he said “are you Banjo Billy?” and I said “yes I am”, we have been Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours ever since.