Motivation – The secret to staying motivated

Anda Gansca – Motivation – The secret to staying motivated when launching your startup.

I think motivation is one of those things that you cannot really work on. I think you either have it or you do not. And it really deals with the idea. And so, the process through which I selected the idea I eventually decided to work on, was related to whether or not I felt an intrinsic motivation that I felt would never end.

When I first got the idea for Knotch, it was one in a series of many ideas that I had before, and I had variations of this idea before. And I had this idea, and I remember, and I was actually taking a shower, and it just hit me, and I stopped, and I realized that something had settled in my head like a little bug or a little virus, and that it would not go away. And then, you know, I just went about my day, and then the first night, I could not sleep, and then the second night, I could not sleep, and it just went on for three weeks, and I was terribly tired and obsessed at the same time.

That is when I knew that I had to do something about it, which led to me quitting my job, finding a co-Founder, making her quit her job. Planting a virus and so on. And so ever since then, we have used this terrible notion of planting a virus in other people’s minds. I think it works really well because if the motivation is intrinsic, you really do not have to do anything everyday to keep your employees motivated, to keep yourself motivated.

Then there is question of just, you know, being drained sometimes because it is a very stressful thing to start a company, to hire people to raise money. I mean, it is just terribly stressful. And with that, I will say that the initial expression that would not let me sleep at night, just became this incredible, never-ending, so far, source of power. And, you know, when I wake up in the morning, and I take the first step outside of bed, I never ask myself if I am taking it in the right direction, and is it something I would always do before I started Knotch. And so, everyday when I take that first step, I am just overjoyed that whatever happens that day, I know it is in the right direction, and that keeps me just constantly energetic, even though I have very little sleep and a lot of caffeine.