Money – No matter what, don’t give up

John Georgis – Money – Your commitment will be tested. No matter what you do, don’t give up.

So when I launched this, I had some money in the bank and I knew I wasn’t going to lose my house, I knew, I had some things squared away. I was living in the same house I had lived in for years and I kept my expenses low on purpose because I knew this was going to suck some cash.

But I set a number, it’s kind of like going to a casino; how much are you willing to lose? I said well, I would loose fifty grand on this deal, this idea and if I lose fifty grand then I tried and it’s a life experience and I’m ok with that.

But then it started happening, I wasn’t going to lose fifty, I was doing alright the first year. Second year I throw a bunch of money into marketing and I said, well what happens if you did ushered in another five thousand, another ten thousand? I didn’t want to give up and I think that was one of the best things somebody told me when I first started. That no matter what you do, don’t give up and trust me, by August of 2006 I wanted to give up. Working thirty three days in a row, twelve hours a day without a day off changes your personality and it lets you know are you capable to working that hard, staying focus for that long? and I thought I could, but thinking it and actually doing it and seeing how that affects your personality , is different and it changes you. It changes somebody and I have seen; you can see it on other people’s faces if they have gone through that test. I suffered through that probably unnecessarily, I think a lot of the suffering was my internal thoughts that was going through my own head that were not necessarily reality. I think there was some extra suffering there that wasn’t necessarily needed; at the same time I’m grateful because I know that I can come out through it. But it was hard, it was very difficult, the second year was by far the most difficult the third year it became a lot easier but it made me want to quit but you just can’t quit.