Mentorship – Pass on strengths & strengthen weaknesses

Jeff Kafka – Mentorship – How to pass on your strengths & strengthen your weaknesses.

Marzena Kmiecik: How did the confidence of the sport—of you being good at kiteboarding, transfer over to you becoming an instructor?

I think what it is, is I put so much energy and so much time into learning the sport that I became an expert at it. And then, if you are an expert at something, I guess with my background, it was pretty easy to start teaching people.

I do not know if everyone is good at teaching, but, for me, it was just the easiest thing I could do—was teach everyone else and share my passion for the sport. The other parts of the business have fallen in place and are still falling in place. I think those were actually my weaker points, but the teaching and the network that I created, through the teaching, has helped everything else fall in place. And, I am really grateful because I feel like I have shared the sport with everyone, and everyone, one way or another, has shared their lives with me to make my life just as successful.


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