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Jeff Kafka – Lifestyle – How to turn your passion into a lifestyle.

Marzena Kmiecik: What is the biggest motivation to get into kiteboarding or surfing lifestyle and, what is the biggest hurdle to get over?

We have actually done some mass-marketing campaign type things, and get a lot of folks, who come out, and want to try the sport for the weekend. And, it was pretty exhausting for us because, not only are we teaching something in a big group, where it is hard to break through to one person, but also, we are getting people, that just want to dabble and try something. Where, these sports are more of a lifestyle, so we would rather teach people, that are motivated to go the distance to learn the sport.

As an instructor, it is exciting to put your energy, you know besides getting paid to teach a sport, it feels good, and it is exciting, to put your energy towards investing in somebody else, to see them succeed in your sport. It is exciting to put your energy into somebody and later on, a year later, or whatever, get to go kiteboarding with them, and see them at the beach, and share these experiences.

I think motivation—Some folks are getting into this for the social aspect of the sport because there are a lot of start up companies and investors and tech folks, that are using kiteboarding, kind of like, the new golf. So I think there is a little bit of motivation for people to get into it so they can get involved with this network of people. I think there is also motivation because it is a really exciting, fun sport. One of the biggest hurdles is, just, going that distance, and knowing that you are not going to be up and riding, right away. You have got to do these tasks and learn these skills. And then once you master those skills, then you can start doing the sport, and then, sharing the stoke of the sport with everyone else. And, I guess it relates to business, as well, you cannot just go and open the doors to a business, and think it is going to be successful, and you have got to do a little bit of groundwork, to get a foundation going, and then, from there, you will succeed.