Life’s Journey – How to free yourself

Daryl Oster – Life’s Journey – Free yourself. Choose how to live your life

Russ Derickson: As I got older I was actually tested; I’m very strong on both right and left brain and I can start putting together the sense of how I live my life because those modes change at different times. I also embrace, I grow up in a town in New York, Huntington New York, which is the birth place of our great American poet Walt Whitman and one of his great poem I sang to myself which I really admire and the other one is

the song of the open road: it will open up as it will, it’s not always a plan journey. ~ Walt Whitman

And I would say my life has been a series of unplanned journeys as well as plan ones and it goes back and forth between those modes and that makes it quite interesting including meeting Daryl. I met him at a reception that a former student of mine managed and we were talking about something totally unrelated to the fields that we work in. It had to do with essentials anthropology how sometimes the uncle in the tribe or in a family is the one that helps the decisions or can help mentor the young children better than their parents can and all of a sudden we started talking about what we each did and left from there.

So I would say in retrospect my life, my various careers that I’ve been in, I’m a PHD scientist/engineer but also a musician, I’ve taught in a business school, I’ve taught in technology school, and I’ve worked, yeah, I have played drums and I play some guitar, bring me the drums and I will show you a few beats later, but I enjoy that, I enjoy life as a transformer going from one thing to another but not just dabbling. I think if you’re really going to have the greatest experiences in life you can’t just skim the surface. Everything has a journey to it and unless you embark on that journey and go the depth, you’re not going to have a full experience and in that full experience you have challenges, you have frustrations, you have goals that you’ve achieved and it’s quite good. So the various things that I’ve done, I’ve developed software that has been marketed nationally, I’ve worked in areas where I was just on the team, other times I’ve been the leader; I like playing all those various roles and not just doing one thing in life you know. So the things I’m doing with Daryl now are more than just one thing as well , it’s not just the technology of that. You and I spoke last night about how transportation probably impacts more things in life than virtually anything else. There is probably other examples where that’s true, but when you look at a lot of things they may impact just a couple of things but transportation impacts everything you know and so why not take a journey down that road and see how we can improve it and see how we can improve life in all its dimension through transportation.