Lesson from Techstars – How to guarantee success

Char Genevier – Lean Lesson from Techstars – how to guarantee success or at least getting through Techstars and launching .

I would say the biggest lesson that Techstars taught me is to analysis things quickly, make a decision and actually act on that decision.

I think a lot of the times, you know, all of us are prone to analysis paralysis and so you get stuck wondering if this is the right decision and

not making a decision is technically making a decision that is not usually the one you want to be making. I mean the longer that you wait to actually decide on something and go for it, you know, the more time you lose and as a startup, time is one of you most valuable asset.

So I find myself basically including my life, you know personally outside of business, in acting sort of analyze, decide act, mantra.  When I decided to move to Boulder after Techstars it really was a quick decision; is like you know what, I’m happy in Boulder, I would want to move here and two weeks later I was packing U-Haul and leaving LA. So It really just follows through my entire life and whenever I find myself sort of feeling trapped in the analysis cycle I remind myself of that and it’s enough usually to break me out of it.