Emotions – Steps to manifest your destiny

Kym McNicholas – Emotions – Steps to manifest your destiny.

There are few different ways you can manifest your destiny, at first it starts with you, you really have to believe in the laws of attraction, I’m not talking about secret type stuff it’s just truly making a conscious decision to what feels right for you because if you think about it, what truly drives you to do something at the very foundation it’s the feeling. What does it feel like to have what you want? And if you focus on that feeling that’s truly what’s going to get you what you want.

So I’ll give you an example, there was a job with a company called Energy News Live, and they had flown me out there to go interview for it. They loved my tape but it turn out I was a little bit too young, a little bit too ambitious, on and on and so in that moment it felt right for me, that whole experience of being there, I felt happy, I could see myself standing in the middle of this trading floor like Maria Bartiromo does on the NYSE except doing it for Energy News, it felt great to be right there and in that moment, I knew in my heart of heart that this was my job and when they told me I wasn’t right for it, it just wasn’t sinking in I was thinking no, I have to get this job, this is my destiny.

So I remember distinctly on the way home I was talking to this woman about the most amazing experience I had being in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I didn’t focus on what the guy had told me that I wasn’t right for the job, I focused on what it felt like for me to be there and to have the position and to be the Maria Bartiromo of the trading floor I was like imagine that, how amazing of a feeling is it so when I got back and I landed, I was like, what feels right for me in this position if I have this position, what would I be doing? And what I would be doing is creating an excel spreadsheet for every single energy company that is publicly traded, all of the analysts, all of the contact information not only for the analysts but all of their PR people and their websites and every single company that they cover.

And so, I literally made a list of nearly a thousand companies, everything that was not just a general energy company but every company that could even be related or affiliated or be a vendor or a client of an energy company, all the analysts that were coming from, all their ticker symbols, everything. It took me, I stayed up for 48 hours straight and the more I was doing it the more excited I got about this job and I literally sent it right off to the news director and he called me within five minutes and said I either have to pay you for this, and I have to pay you for the entire time we use it or I just have to hire you and find a position because you’re not right for that position, I told you that from the very beginning, but he’s like I need to cut this, I only have  a budget, I have to cut this other person’s salary in half to bring you on and I haven’t even hired this person that is right for that but we’re just going to bring you on and see where it goes because I have to have you on my team, and literally that weekend he flew me out there to do team meetings, they still  hadn’t hired the girl for that regular job, they needed to do run-throughs for that position and I was the only one there.

So they put me on the trading floor and had these cameras on me and they just started telling me to talk and walk through and I was able to in that moment, because I was so excited and knew it was right for me, I was able to do what they needed to do and I created the position. I became their lead, I didn’t get to sit at the anchor desk with the main anchor, but I owned the trading floor that I wanted to own. It’s all about the feeling.