Jason Silva – The story of a new global citizen

” Too much hostility, not enough empathy and compassion.

What are the expressions you create in your own life?

Extend your gaze where boundaries are dissolved.

It’s time to change our story, our narrative, upgrade our self image again, expand our consciousness.

Boundary shuttering sense of revelation and a global interconnectedness.

Shake of your petty differences to emerge with  a sense of global responsibility, global consciousness and global citizenship.

From the vantage point of space, there are no lines dividing nations, or geographical sub-divisions, no flags or racial divides, or disputed territories…there is only earth.

Cultural differences, religions, tribes, nations, race…these are created expressions and variations that should and could be celebrated. Instead they become symbols that are all too often used to create suffocating boundaries…they are increasingly ill conceived to address the challenges of a hyper-connected global world.

As advancements in Technology and information enable greater mobility of ideas, goods and people, the role of a physical border is shifting and due for an upgrade.

Migration has been the seed at the heart of thriving societies, accelerating the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. Restricting migration is ultimately like restricting the flow of ideas.

We need to scale up, to unleesh a truly global citizenry, exchanging ideas, beliefs, goods and services. It has been said that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight and so perhaps it is by extending our gaze, using marvelous new storytelling tools like virtual reality that we can bridge visitions and bring worlds together, ushering in a form of radical empathy, to see the others as ourselves where boundaries are dissolved, and compassion reigns supreme.
Massive transformation of consciousness, a software upgrade for mankind, birthing a new kind of a global citizen. ”

Jason Silva, Founder of Shots of Awe, channel on Youtube – he never disappoints with opening human mind and heart to a different perspective on life, one that comes from abundance not scarcity.

As a modern Performance Philosopher, he speaks to a modern citizen to see no boundaries and limits in order to take humanity to another level so together as a global community, we can create new stories, new history, new legacy, new meaning. Above are the excerpts from “The Big Picture” video he has posted on Youtube. It’s a must watch!

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