Investments – Stay true to your vision & find the right supporters

Jen Lewin – Investments – Stay true to your vision and find the right supporters.

I would not necessarily be looking for someone to invest in the studio, I want to keep the studio really small but what I‘d love is to find funding or people that are interested in funding really great and interactive and radical public art projects. Something that you could put in a city that could really engage the community, a little bit of what  I talked about in Denver, engage the community, engage people, activate a public space in a great, great way and do something really fun and exciting and interesting.

I love museums, I love them but I’m not personally interested in having a big piece in a museum, I want to have a big piece in a public center and then I want to allow people to be part of it in a very direct and active way, technology lets us do that so I think finding organizations that would want to do things like that would be really interesting