STEM Labs – Investing in STEM model

Robert Grover – STEM LAB – Long term investment model, recurring revenue and growth potential.

So yeah, it was an investment opportunity what PCS is working on. You know, these labs in these experiences that were trying to prepare and make available to people, it’s an interesting model because it’s something that as a business you can get involved in and do well but you can also be doing good at the same time and a lot of people are starting to look at their investments in terms of how can I actually help improve the world around us and that’s one of the reasons that it’s a good investment. You know the other is that just like solid fundamentals of investing, you want to invest in something that’s long-term; you want to invest in something that’s going to have recurring revenue, something that’s got a lot of growth potential.

There’s nothing on the planet that has more growth potential than education, it’s like water, everybody’s got to have it and if you come up with the right blend of education that is unique, and we have something that is very unique, it’s adaptive, blended, experiential learning that gets kids excited about stem topics, something the whole world needs. You come up with the right recipe, that’s a huge opportunity.

The challenges, we propagate that you know; investors come in and how do you get this into your community? There’s lots of ways, we have private schools for example that we partner with, public schools of course can benefit if somebody’s going to sponsor it and put it in; we do that on a licensed basis. Even corporate partnerships are very powerful especially with companies that are interested in trying to build stem pipelines of students, so technology companies can benefit by sponsoring these in their community, even sponsoring them on the campus of their own company could be one way to do it. So there’s a lot of other ways that investors, social investors can get involved and it’s a very good return in terms of financial return, it’s probably an even bigger return in terms of what the social contribution is.