Intentions – Figure out your real motives

Kym McNicholas – Intentions – Way to figure out your real motives.

The one thing you really have to be very, very careful of in your career is who you surround yourself with, who you ask advice from, who you ask to give you feedback because you have to make sure you’re aligned with that person. Everyone has their own agenda and you may totally look up to someone who is amazingly successful and you may want their opinion but it’s one thing for them to be successful, it’s another thing for them to give feedback, because you don’t know what their intention is.

Because they may be looking at you as a potential threat to their success, they may be, even though successful and incredibly insecure, so when they give you feedback it might be more critical than it really needs to be and also, you may not be at that level where you need all of the feedback they’re giving you so you do have to be careful who you’re getting feedback from.

I remember when I was working for Central Florida New 13 in Orlando, I asked everyone, everyone, to actually critique my stories I would put together but what is my intention in asking them, I want them to tell me I’m great, that it’s absolutely fantastic so I wasn’t getting that I said what do you think about this so of course, some of them we’re threatened by me, didn’t want me to steal their job and of course if you ask someone for criticism they’re going to give you criticism.

So you have to be careful in one, how you approach someone for feedback and two, you really need to make sure who you’re approaching for feedback and what their agenda is and what their intention might be in giving you feedback, really understanding where they’re coming from but even more importantly, know what your intention is going into it because if your intention is to give it to them in hopes that they’re going to say everything is great, well, then there’s an imbalance there, and no matter what they say you’re not going to feel good about it and so, you need to go in and say ” what exactly do I expect them to say, what do I want from them” and then that’s basically what you’re going to get and your more apt to learning from that.