Inspiration – Follow your intuition

Jen Lewin – Inspiration – Follow your intuition.

Actually I think I’m fairly unusual  in my process, it’s sort of hard to explain, the idea is a really intuitive and strong desire, and when I eventually make the piece years later it has held it’s truth, which is what’s really interesting. I’ve had a lot of really great people who have worked with me, all say the same things and one of the things that is really shocking is I will draw a picture of what I want and then we’ll spend this exercise in inventing technology  and changing technology and changing budgets and having to shuffle and change and be dynamic and problem solve and it feels like the pieces have derailed and gone in a completely different direction and then we’ll finish the piece and the end piece will look exactly like the original picture.

And this is something I always find to be completely astounding and the only thing I can say about it is somehow for me there is a sort of truth to my initial intention and we always come back to it, it doesn’t change that’s what’s amazing, it doesn’t change , it stays very true. Those inspirations I have for these pieces they come from a place for me that it’s not contrived, I say that because I’ve worked on a lot of other design projects where you really have to think them through, not that their contrived, but they come from a different place that’s more intellectual.

For me the artwork comes from a place that is so pure and intuitive to something that I want and the final piece is always true to that. Where my battle is, is in the technology needed to make it be what I want it to be.