Inspiration – How to find time for YOU

Devin Hibbard – Inspiration – When there’s not enough hours in a day, this is how you find the time for you.

I don’t have a hard time getting inspired because I work with women who are changing their lives. I have the unique privilege of getting to go to Uganda. I mean, I’ve lived in Uganda for about half of the last 8 years. The most amazing part of my job is starting every vine session with singing and dancing, and literally, from this session to two weeks from now, and I see them again, these women want to change their lives.

They come into the program often times literally and figuratively beaten down by Ugandan society, which is very patriarchal and in which abuse is very common. And so women come in and they have their eyes on the ground, they talk really in tiny little voices. They haven’t found their strength. Then they start to earn money. It’s the most money for some of them—their first sale. Some of these women are throwing themselves on the ground and weeping because they’ve never held this much cash, ever!

And now all of a sudden, they’re supporting their families. They’re sending their children to school. They’re fixing the roof on their house that’s been leaking for five years. These incredible accomplishments—and you literally start to see women getting their faces filled out, they’re not as thing, they come, and see my child back in school, my roof has been fixed.

Amazing stuff that I can see in front of my very eyes. So the change is happening right now. And when I have a hard day, and when I am frustrated or overworked, I just think the fact if I wasn’t doing this and if my team wasn’t doing this and all the people here who are contributing to this, there would be women who are not changing their lives. So it’s very easy to be inspired and go on. The hard part is—well, there’s two hard parts I think.

One is there’s so much to do. It’s like there’s never enough hours in the day, and so how do you find time for you and time for balance in the midst of extremity? And the other piece is just being able to prioritize family and relationships and those other pieces that are critically important to a full life. When I get to do so many things at work.

But I try to keep myself surrounded by lots of people who are smarter than me, and talk to brilliant people, and you know, just bounce ideas around. That definitely keeps me inspired and fresh. I like to get out of the office and go for a walk and go for a run and that’s when I’ll have my best ideas. Like, oh, what about this?

I feel really lucky that I’m not just doing the daily grind. I know, for sure, and I think that all of my colleagues know for sure that what we do every day has an impact and there’s nothing better than that.