Influence is power – Resources, abilities, connections.

Chris Draft – Influence is power – Tap into abilities, resources & connections to make a difference.

So yeah, I talked about the basic initiatives of the foundation. And it’s how do we activate that? That could seem like it’s completely overwhelming or it could be too big, but, I play NFL. I played in NFL for 12 years and I still work with the NFL. And it’s the number one sport in America.

When you talk about, do you have the ability? Do you have the resources? Do you have the connections? I’m saying yes. Because of the relationship with the NFL, because of playing with the NFL. Unfortunately, though, when people think of NFL, they think of it on such a high level, that it could make it a little bit hard to understand how the foundation gets in. but if you understand by a game, then you can. And the game says that the NFL is a small amount of the people that actually play football.

If I were to say at one point, one million high school players will play down to 66,000 colleges, to 300, that will have a chance to be in NFL, and join a group that’s only about 2,000 strong. So the numbers are ridiculously difficult. They’re so small, of you actually making it to the NFL. When we talk about football, in a lot of cases we always talk about, we’re only as good as our weakest link. We talk about maximizing your ability, maximizing your potential. And those things can’t just be for the best player. It can’t be a throwaway line where we’re as good as our weakest link and somebody transitions and we don’t worry about that anymore. It’s real.

So when we ask ourselves, the question of how does that person, the personal at the end of the bench, how is it that they benefit from playing in the game? And you know number one, that you benefit from being outside. Physically fit. We know that. We know that they, being on the football field, if someone was delusional and believed that they did it, they were going to go to NFL, but they were the last person on the bench, it would be okay. Because all football players have to go to college. They have to. So that would be a goal that they’re making.

They’re serious. Even if they’re the last person on the bench, they’re going to work their tail off, physically. It’s as academically, they’re going to give everything they have. In terms of character, they’re going to not get in trouble if they want to get themselves the best chance. The great thing about the game too is it doesn’t allow for too many excuses. Off the field, if your dad is not involved, they might take that into account with other things that you’re doing. But on a football field and most sports, they’re not going to accept it.

You drop a ball, they’re not going to say, oh his daddy wasn’t there. There’s an accountability that’s not as present in other areas.

Can you talk about that a little more? Accountability?

The accountability, really, is individual. Again, if I said, well, your dad is not there. I’m giving you an excuse. Your dad not being there just makes it harder, but that doesn’t drop the standard for you. When you get on a field, they’re not going to drop it for you. It’s important that we absorb that, we accept that, because that’s what world is. At the end of the day, when you’re competing against somebody, they’re not going to give you a break because, well, I know you grew up in an area that’s tough. The fact that your numbers aren’t as good, it’s not going to happen.

It’s important to learn at an early age, regardless of where you grow up. that’s what so great, that’s what’s always been great about sports. It’s a great equalizer. Wherever you grew up, we can get on the field together. I’ll be judged not by where I grew up but how I play. Being able to embrace these things—and again, and realize that it is difficult. Because where you grew up could mean how well you’re coached, how good your equipment is. It’s real.

But at the same time, you get on that field. They’re not going to make excuses. It’s important to recognize where those inequities are and figure out a way to keep it coming.