Impact – Inspire change & start a revolution

Anda Gansca – Impact – How to inspire change and start a revolution.

In terms of Knotch being a revolution, I like to refer to it as the color revolution.

All of my life I felt like I was kind of destined to start one or several revolutions. And so Knotch doesn’t have a choice, it has to be a revolution. But specifically I think it can actually drastically impact the way people communicate with the 1% who is actually in charge of running the country, government, international NGOs, the world. And I say that because there’s this trend of people not wanting to proactively go out there and shout out their opinions.

On Twitter, they said only 1% of the users are common creators. In the U.S you can look how many share the vote, it’s around 30%. In my home country, it’s around 40%. The percentages aren’t very high. I kept wondering why that is. I think that’s because of two main reasons. One, the voting system itself and this binding choice that many times is given to us, it’s one that doesn’t really feel right, because our opinions come from a very guttural place.

And so in a way, voting makes us think about what we feel. And then it feels like there’s so much weight on that decision, and so we have to think really hard. But it’s very difficult for the analytical side of the brain to process the creative side of the brain, or that driven, sentimental, or opinion into an actual vote. And because it’s confusing, I think a lot of people choose not to do it. In other words, they just think it has a very high cognitive cost.

And the other big reason that I hear is that my vote doesn’t matter. And to a certain extent it’s true. I mean, you go once every four years, you feel like you have one chance to say one thing, and even that doesn’t matter because not enough people try to vote, or not enough people vote for the one thing to believe in, it’s not going to matter. And so, again, with that, it’s because it’s so far away, these voting periods, they only give you a shot to express yourself that it doesn’t even become a habit to do that. And so it’s a cycle that doesn’t help people unlock this really basic human nature that they have.

And so on Knotch, the idea is no cognitive cost. They literally just go up and down with colors all the time. And in the process of that, you create a habit, that when you have to vote for a president, or really anything, you’re already in the habit of expressing your opinion. And you already know that your opinion matters. You’re already empowered by this amazing community that has already told you you’re an awesome person, whoever you are in your true color. And so you’re not afraid to come and make others come and join. And so with that, I do think that it is revolutionary, because if we can get people into the habit of constantly applying and expressing their thoughts, many wonderful things can happen. I mean, maybe democracy can actually become the power of the people.