Ideas – Ready to change your life?

Greg Spooner – Ideas – Ready to do something crazy & change your life? Why not!

In 2005 it really all began with seeing a poster on the wall advertising a race across the Atlantic and we thought, or at least my friend thought oh, this is a terrific idea, everybody’s going to want to do this and so he said, “Who’s the first person I want to ask?” He said, “Greg Spooner” and he came to me and said, “Do you want to row across the ocean with me?” and I said, “No, it was the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard of” and I don’t know what it was. I think growing up where we did and having the friends that I did, you chew on an idea like that long enough, when Jordan circles back and he says, “I have a team, what do you say?” And at that point at 24 years old and out of college and have any opportunity to just change my life and get away, I was like actually, this sounds like a great idea, let’s get on a small boat, a 1000 miles from nothing and be absolutely exposed to the elements like we’ve never been before. Great idea.