Ideas – Collaborate with clients to create projects you love

Jen Lewin – Ideas – How to collaborate with clients to create projects you love to work on.

Normally the city just trusts, they have seen something I’ve done and they like it and they want that same thing, and sometimes I have to say ok, we can do the same thing or we can do this and it’s a pitch, and I have to pitch a story and talk them into it which is the job of an artist throughout history, to talk everyone into it, that happens a lot. In general they come to me because they’ve seen something they like and they already know what they want and then I shift them if I want to change that a bit. I have had instances of people saying whatever you want to make and I come up with something.

For me my challenge, and everyone in design is different with different challenges, but my issues are never the idea, I have journals and journals of ideas except for me the idea is the easy part so I have journals of ideas in fact, my idea to like implementation  cycle is five to seven years, it’s a long cycle it’s pretty interesting because it often takes that long for me to figure out how to build it and that has to do with the technology side of it so I’ll think of something and it’ll just sort of come to me, I’ll observe something and say ah, we’ve got to do this and then it will take me so long to figure out how to build it in a way that I can afford it and it works, it takes a long time.



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