Ideas – How to deal with resistance to new ideas

Daryl Oster & Russ Derickson – Ideas – How to deal with resistance to new ideas and use opposition to improve your ideas.

Russ Derickson:

I think the resistance of change, the resistance of new things is actually the way it should be. Change can happen too quickly and everything becomes unstable and if everybody in the world is ready for change there would be no stability at all. You have to have sort of a system of resistance as well as that which is pushing forward and they say that if you have a good idea and everybody agrees, it’s probably not a good idea, you know, you can always have resistance and that’s how you sharpen your ideas, through that resistance and seeing a better way or seeing how you can overcome their objections. 

So, I think that a lot of people get frustrated, overly so, when they are trying to evoke change not understanding how systems work, and if they understand they say ‘yeah, there’s been resistance but rather than avoid it or despise it, kind of embrace it and get in that person’s head, why are they resisting why are they challenging you? This information is valuable, that’s what I would say.

Daryl Oster: I think like Russ said the resistance of an idea is a major power and you know at some point that resistance yields with persistence and

Russ Derickson: Well, it modifies your idea.

Daryl Oster: Or makes the idea stronger.

Russ Derickson: Yes exactly…

Daryl Oster: Yeah exactly, the resistance spurs you on. So that’s the difference between quitting and resisting, the idea will die if you quit, that’s the only failure.

Marzena Kmiecik: At what point did you come to that conclusion in your life or career?

Daryl Oster: There is, at first when somebody, if you for instant had never known what a bicycle was, and somebody told you but all you have seen are three wheels or four wheel vehicles and somebody told you that you can ride a vehicle with two wheels, you would say ‘no way it’s not stable’, but if enough people told you that, especially people you know and trusted, you might start to have a belief or a faith in that without knowing it, without even seeing it with your own eyes and then when you see it with your own eyes, then you know that it is possible but you might not believe you can do it too. But then once you actually experience it yourself and learn how to ride that bicycle then that you know how to ride a bicycle. So knowing is a lot different than believing, and once you know that you’re on to something, and then it cannot be stop, you know, that belief is no longer a belief, it’s knowing and it can’t be changed.