Motivation – Tips on achieving goals

Mike Trebbow – Motivation – This is how you can stay motivated and achieve your goals!

I was fairly young. Probably 17 in high school. I realized all my friends already had a plan. They were going to college or were going to get into a family business. I didn’t really have those options. So, it was keeping me up at night. When I was up late, I watched one of those late night infomercials where they were showing the CarletonSheets, buy homes for no money down. So I purchased the program and I started buying property really young. I bought my first house at 17. My mom had to cosign for me and get the thing going. I did it with very little money. This program was primarily a motivation tool.

I didn’t go through it line by line like he suggested. I’m sure it was very good. For me, what it did was give me the confidence for a 17 year old to walk into a real estate office and act like I was ready to buy a house when I was just a kid. So anyways, that’s how it started. I think the main thing that came out of it at the end was how important time is.

Time is important all the time. It’s important at 30, 40, or 50 as it is at 17. The main thing is I took action and did something. Most people spend so much time thinking about what they’re going to do, or telling their friends what they’re going to do or writing letters about what they’re going to do, and very little time actually doing it. A big part of the secret, I believe, is not talking about it but action.

Talking about it, in a sense, gives you the credit and reward as if you have already done it. And so, once you’ve had that satisfaction, you lose a little bit of the motivation. So a lot of a times, it’s really good to keep your idea secret. That secret helps increase your motivation. By having a secret and having that motivation, it keeps your desires strong because you haven’t told anybody yet. You’re still working as a waiter or a waitress.  Or you’re still working in the office job. Meanwhile, you have this secret little business you’re developing.

Because you’ve kept it a secret, the motivation remains high. The desire to succeed remains strong. And you feel like you’re getting ahead of everybody instead of falling behind. And those are the things that can help motivate you.