Motivation – The key to lasting in a startup

Greg spooner – Motivation – Creating this one perpetual thing is the key to lasting in a startup us!

Every year since I’ve graduated from undergrad in 2001, I’ve been moving ahead with my foot on the accelerator pedal, going faster and faster and as I grab on to more things and more projects as I go it’s just creating that much more momentum; that huge snowball that’s rolling down a hill and to be honest sometimes when I was up in the morning and think about what drives me, well what’s driving me is the fact that I’m already on this speeding bus full of projects and exciting that have been created and I just want to see where they’re going to go next.

If I can direct them in any way to make them better or more exciting or keep them from crashing and burning which you know, many of them are going to, then that’s a pretty motivating reason to wake up in the morning.

Marzena Kmiecik: What is the ultimate drive, what is the ultimate goal for all of it?

To have fun. To enjoy the opportunity of spending  limited amount of time on the earth doing something I can be passionate about and want to do, want to interact with.